I’ve never subscribed to the idea that spring cleaning is self-care. In my world, the two are mutually exclusive. And with the first day of spring long gone, spring cleaning won’t cross my mind until next year. Now before you freak out, my house is clean. I swear it is! I have a wonderful cleaning lady who does an awesome job every other week so I don’t have to. Well, that was until I meet Branch Basics. 

Branch Basics is a multi-tasking plant and mineral-based cleaner that not only removes dirt, dust, grease, and grime but removes the residue left behind by previous cleaners without releasing any harsh chemicals into the air. 

Its core product is a multi-purpose concentrate that can be diluted for various uses (think laundry, hand washing, all-purpose, and bathroom cleaning) via their easy-refill bottles. When you first get the product you’ll receive a box of empty bottles, but the concentrate (a filled to the brim 33 oz. bottle) creates multiple cleaners. Also in the line are wool dryer balls and a scrubbing brush for those filthy areas that need elbow grease. 

I know these are COVID times, so if you’re looking for a disinfectant Branch Basics isn’t for you. The cleaner is not a sanitizer or an antibacterial soap, so it will not “kill”, but it does remove dirt and grime from surfaces with a quickness. 

The brand has more than 500 five-star reviews, so I’m not the only one obsessed. Here’s why it’s truly the best:

It’s safe:

I love that it’s plant-based, non-toxic, and clinically tested for even the most chemically sensitive. Translation: it’s perfect to use around my small children. More to the point, I have a hard time finding non-toxic oven cleaners that actually work. For pesky burnt areas, I mixed a little Oxygen Boost with water and scrubbed onto the tough parts. They were gone almost instantly. 

It’s minimalist and customizable:

One formula, five bottles, dozens of uses. So no more buying products for different uses. The formula is fragrance-free, so when I add a few drops of my favorite essential oils, it’s like I’m giving my home a personalized touch. 

It’s sustainable:

Sustainability isn’t always at the forefront of my mind. I’m trying to do better, but I’m guilty of taking single-use plastic bags from the grocery store. Ok, now that that’s off my chest, I’m always down to get behind a brand with plant-based and reusable bottles. Each bottle is refillable so they’re better for the environment. Whenever I use Branch Basics I feel like I’m reducing my plastic consumption, even if it’s in a small way. 

It’s affordable:

I’m not a math whiz, but using Branch Basics has saved me a few coins. One bottle of concentrate can be used to make over 20 formulas for upwards of $100 in savings. 

Having a clean space makes a huge impact on your lifestyle and overall happiness, and that is the type of self-care everyone should get behind.

Branch Basics is available at Branchbasics.com.