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Being a Black woman is lit. (No one can deny that.) But being a Black woman in the professional world often comes with more lows than highs. They come in the form of microagressions aimed at everything from our choice of hairstyles or position of power.

It’s an unwelcome shared experience for all Black women, and yesterday evening Twitter turned into a public ventin board after Congresswoman Maxine Waters and White House reporter April Ryan were publicly attacked for simply being Black women at work. Women from all around the world shared their similar experiences.

Here are eight of them we bet you can relate to.

When White people assume a Black person is the help:

When Black bodies makes them feel inferior:

When Black people become office attractions.

When our voices are heard but not acknowledged.

When our hair becomes part of office conversation.

When we’re stereotyped:

When our roles are undermined:

When we’re sexualized just because: 

Sound off below on what it’s like for you being a Black woman at work.