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14 Elements You Can Expect to See In Every Feel Good Black Holiday Film

'Almost Christmas' is familiar and funny and that's why you have to support it. We break down the usual suspects.
14 Elements You Can Expect to See In Every Feel Good Black Holiday Film
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There are so many things to love about the holiday season, but let me tell you, I’m always here for some good ole classic (and Black) holiday movies and you know you are too.

There’s an endless list of oldies but goodies (The Best Man Holiday, This Christmas, The Preacher’s Wife) to lean on as you load up your Netflix queue, but this year no film has me more excited than David E. Talbert’s new release, Almost Christmas, in theaters today.

With a stellar cast that includes favorites like Gabrielle Union, Nicole Ari Parker, Mo’Nique, Kimberly Elise, Jessie T. Usher, Romany Malco, Omar Epps and the legendary Danny Glover, I promise it’s a film worth seeing.

It’s so good, in fact, that I’ve already seen the movie once, and have already made plans to see it again. Expect to laugh until your stomach aches, tear up in a good way and wholeheartedly applaud when the credits roll. Because it’s a film made for us, by us—the classic Black cinematic elements that make a Black holiday movie a hit are all there, just in a new refreshingly funny way.You probably know this cast of characters well. They are:

1. The Sister Frenemies

Every Black movie family deals with two sisters who just can’t seem to get along during the holidays, or ever for that matter. Whether it’s about a competition in the kitchen or an old childhood sibling rivalry that just won’t quit, we know it, we love it and we’re always just waiting on it to show up on screen.

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2. Token White Character

Usually a family “friend,” there is almost always at least one random White person at the table in a Black holiday family film.

3. The Crazy Aunt

Now you know exactly which auntie I’m talking about. She’s the loud, funny, always having a story, stay pulling a man with a banging wardrobe type who can’t cook but wants to be all up in the kitchen. She may or may not have a drinking problem but she’s still your absolute favorite? Yes, that crazy aunt!

4. The Fast Family Friend

5. A Former Fling

You know one of the characters always bumps into the one who got away over the holidays, and that old bae fever is real. 

6. A Death

Sadly, it’s the feeling of losing the patriarch or matriarch of the family is one some know all too well. It’s devastating all year round and somehow just gets worse during the holiday. 

7. The Prodigal Son

He was gone too long, and now he’s back — but is everyone in the family really glad that “golden boy” has returned?

8. A Problem Child

9. A Song and Dance

10. Epic Church Scene

11. A Serious Dinner

Gather round the table and take a pause for a long prayer as the smell of the turkey and gravy, mac and cheese and yams, biscuits and greens dance their way up your nostrils. Funny stories are shared, good times are remembered, some whispers are passed and side eyes are exchanged but nonetheless, dinner wouldn’t be the same without all of it. 

12. One Big Secret

Either someone has too much to drink and spills the beans on a major family secret they were supposed to take to their grave or someone gets a little too angry and just puts it out there. Whichever way it goes, something about the holidays always puts the family business out in the open for everyone to pick apart, but after that, it’s time to heal.

13. Crazy Kids


What are some of your favorite movies to watch during the holidays? Tell us in the comments!