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[MUSIC] Every black girl in the world, your magic is that you are you. [MUSIC] Become clear about who that is Be honest about who that is and be willing to walk in every situation in your life being exactly who that is. My vision of black girl magic is being the spitfire that you know you can be no matter what anybody thinks you see who you want to become and you see who you are and And you're proud of it. Black girl magic is simply power and strength. You can;t find it anywhere else other than inside yourself. My name is Joy Madison, I am owner and trainer at Eat Sleep Sweat Functional Fitness is Los Angeles, CA. My name is Patrice Stodd, I am the founder and the head coach for the Los Angeles Aquanymphs synchronized swimming team here in south central Los Angeles. My name is Imiji Brooks and I swim with the Unsyncables of La Mirada. Swimming and water polo is not, you don't see many of us in the sport. When we first started, we looked a little different than everybody else. But that's not something to be ashamed of, it's something to be proud of. Lot of people don't particularly know what synchronized swimming is. It teaches a girl to be graceful, to be beautiful, to be strong, to be athletic, and it's the best exercise that exists. Low impact, It's something you can always participate in. You need to be healthy, healthy in your mind, healthy in body, healthy in spirit. When you exercise and do your diet that's a communication and conversation with your body. So the more you can get in touch with your body, you can Being in communication with your body through fitness and working out. The more healthy you will be, the more in tune with your personal gifts you will be in and the better you can serve people and walk in your purpose, whatever that may be. I would always try to get my friends to swim with me or, you know, come participate in the team. And after about two weeks, it was like my hair, my hair; And I hate that we let our hair get in the way of that. Curly and natural is beautiful and I was always okay with that. If we can beyond the hair or whatever things that we're telling ourselves about why we shouldn't do them, I think it's a great place for us to flourish. [MUSIC]

ESSENCE #BlackGirlMagic: Teen Qaisera Alexis Proves Black Girls Swim

There’s a common misconception that Black women stay away from the pool, but Qaisera Alexis, the subject of ESSENCE Black Girl Magic episode 3, along with her Los Angeles-based coaches and trainers, prove otherwise.