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Iman Dean is a woman who knows no bounds. I am a woman who goes after everything that I want in life. I shop at Walmart because it's really a one-stop shop for me. My life is so hectic between event planning, trying to make time for my friends and family. I need to be able to go somewhere and get the items that I need for meal prep. Dinner parties, events. Food is played a major part in my life, from childhood all the way to being an adult. Both my mother and my father were amazing cooks. And then myself and couple of other family members as we grew up the next generation, decided to put the natural born skills that we had to use and to become trained. Sp after our long career in the culinary world I decided that I wanted to explore event planning. Walmart has been essential in me being able to do all those things, there they have such amazing produce and meat. Fresh bread on a daily basis. Avocados which is one of my favorite foods. They have vegetables, fruits. I know that everything that I get from Walmart is not only gonna be good, but it's gonna be fresh. Food was something that was embedded in my soul as a child. It's been something that has allowed me to bring my friends together and my family together as an adult. What every spoonful of whatever it is that I make for my friends and my family, they feed me that much more energy in return in other ways. Food is love. It's been my magic, it's that thing that I've been able to give to the world that is really Has no there's no agenda. It's just me providing love from my heart through the hands that were given to me. [MUSIC]