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[MUSIC] My name is Claire Soares. I'm a software sales executive and I'm also the founder of Up In The Air Life travel company. I was inspired to start Up In The Air Life to help connect African American women to other women to travel the world internationally and really take their travel to the next level. When I was in highschool I planned my senior trip and I went through the whole process to get authorization to take an out of state trip. What I realized after traveling so much that I really wanted to share that with more people so I've been planning trips since the very beginning. There's really at no point in time that I don't have something to do. But having the most amazing staff and people that truly believe in what we do is the reason why we're able to still sustain the business. Claire, she is her business. She's poured everything into Up in the Air life, she pours everything into her staff. We're a team and were a team because of Claire. She's the glue that keeps us all connected. Walmart has all of your favorite products for our trips as well as the little travel sizes, those are always great things for the staff to pick up as well as myself when we're on a trip. [MUSIC] Just being able to go there is always important, so we can pick up any last minute items, and help fill what we need for the trip. Also when we go abroad, it's just very important that we're able to go to the stores locally. Like Mexico, when we walk into the stores, they're familiar, we already know, and we have the confidence that everything's gonna be there. [MUSIC] My life is really busy, so Walmart keeps things simple and they also make things easy for me. From the Walmart Pay, being able to pay on the app, to being able to just order things online and then just come pick it up. I don't have a lot of time and so knowing that they pretty much stock everything that I need, I'm able to easily either send that to my employees Go pick it up myself or have it delivered. [MUSIC] A **** bag is essentially a bag that has a mix of personalized items that have our logo, as well as, local items or things they'll need on the trip. They may need bug repellant. They may need tissues when we go to Cuba. You need wet wipes and there's different things that you need in those areas. So we're able to pick up those for every single trip that we have. [MUSIC] Most of our customers only have three weeks of vacation so when they choose to spend one week with us, we want that week to just be the most amazing week of their life. On our last trip to Egypt, we really just impressed our clients by doing a lot of different things. And when we got there, there were 70 camels just waiting for us. And just being in Africa for the very first time and just really galloping on the camels to the pyramid was amazing. To walk through the different tombs. You're seeing the kings and the queens. And when you see the faces and the skin color and the noses, it just brings so much joy to know that that is you and you're seeing yourself. And so going to Egypt, it's definitely the most memorable and life-changing experience. I have been able to see places that I would have never seen before. The wonders of the world. The things that I've only dreamed about. Claire made it possible, It changed my life. Claire is up in the air life and she lives it every single day. Black Girl Magic to me is about loving other black women, supporting each other. You may have days that you cry yourself to sleep and Black Girl Magic is about taking the time to celebrate the greatness and just really pushing yourself to be the best you, you can be. Walmart helps me celebrate my drive, and inspiring others is my magic. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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