Ashanti Lived Her Best Life With Giraffes In Nairobi And She Has The Photos To Prove It

If we’ve said it once, we’ll say it again. Nobody does getaways like Ashanti. Her passport is full of stamps and her Instagram is packed with images from her many trips (which feature her rocking bikinis by somebody’s luxurious pool). One of the biggest she’s taken is a trip to Nairobi, Kenya. While on the voyage, the star stayed at the storied Giraffe Manor, a sanctuary where giraffes walk the grounds and peek their heads through windows to say hello (and get some food). It’s unclear if she was on that trip within the last few weeks or if it’s from travels she was said to have taken in late December, but either way, we’re here for all the dreamy content.

Talk about epic views.

She fed the giraffes, visited Nairobi National Park, enjoyed the local cuisine and genuinely seemed to have the best time with friends in the East African country. She shared a video of her travels around the capitol that made us want to book our own trip there ASAP.

Jay Rich/Justin Schamp

We’re going to live vicariously through the star, as most trips people are taking as outside opens back up have been small treks around the country and to Mexico and the Caribbean. But if someone wants to pay for us to play with some giraffes, sign us up for the next flight!


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