Like anything else in life, it’s easy to get trapped in routine. When it comes to shopping on Amazon, for me at least, my orders remain in the category range of books, kitchen supplies and appliances.  I know there’s more, but I just don’t go there.  This holiday exercise of researching gift ideas has taught me that broadening my eyes to other categories is a real plus. It isn’t just about shopping it’s about saving time and money, by having so many options in one place. I used to love Black Friday shopping at the mall, but I don’t live near malls anymore and even if I did, that exercise feels like such a time waster. I mean the fact that I can get a little girl’s coat, an Air Fryer, a tennis racket, and a diamond tennis bracelet, in one place, possibly in less than an hour, well as trite as it sounds, that is simply amazing. 

I spent last Friday after Thanksgiving visiting my older relatives that I haven’t seen in a while, because of the pandemic. That’s time well spent.  But thanks to Cyber Monday, I can still indulge in major shopping deals. Amazon is a great place to start with such deals, in fricken EVERY category. Enjoy!