Playtime And Passports: We Want To Travel Like 3-Year-Old Globetrotter Alexis Ohanian Jr.

Her mom is a tennis legend, her father is a tech entrepreneur and Alexis Ohanian Jr. is, according to her Instagram, “an adventurer.” This is true, and she has the passport stamps and photos to prove it.

The 3-year-old daughter of tennis legend Serena Williams and tech star Alexis Ohanian has been stunting on all of us with the travels shared to her Instagram page. Most recently, she held up a peace sign while hanging out in London this week.

Before that, the kiddo made news when she put on her best Belle from Beauty and the Beast gown and traveled to the Palace of Versailles in France, the former royal residence of French kings from Louis XIV to Louis XVI. She posed in front of the palace, holding onto the skirt of her gold dress, wearing her glass “slippers” and rocking cornrow braids. A true queen moment.

She also shared a photo of herself in the hall of mirrors, among the opulence of chandeliers and a ceiling painted, in ornate fashion, by Charles Le Brun. Wearing Disney princess gowns and rolling around in a Little Tykes carriage is something Alexis likes to do, so we’re sure she was living the dream.

Extravagant travel is nothing new for the child, who has a following of more than 600,000 on Instagram. Since she was born, Williams has taken her along to see the world. The end result is a worldly child who has some really great memories in pictures. Check out the jet-setting this tot has done, from ocean views to major landmarks and everything in between.


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