We Hit The Mountain Roads Of Denver To Test The 2022 Audi A3 And S3 Sedans. Here’s What You Should Know About Them.
S3 and A3 – Audi

What’s better than testing a few brand-spanking-new Audis? How about driving them through the mountain roads of Denver, Colorado? One word: views.

ESSENCE had the chance to take the trip to the Mile-High City recently for a drive in the 2022 A3 and S3 sedans. It was my first time in Denver, and the scenery, nearby attractions and the ability for the weather to completely shift to a whole new season at the drop of a dime (Hey winter! Hellooo fall!) made a lasting impression. However, it was the cars that had the most lasting impression on me. The A3 proved itself to be the go-to car for the everyday driver, while the S3, a sportier version of the A3, is for those looking to turn some heads and have fun on the road. Since this isn’t Car and Driver, I’ll give you the simple, lifestyle version of a car review based on the features that you might find most useful in both. Check out a few of the highlights from my experience and what I enjoyed most about the newest models of the beloved cars.


A Sporty Ride With Control

Taking them on the Mount Evans Scenic Byway, which is the highest paved road in North America, I drove for four hours on flat ground, uphill, downhill and back around. I rode in sport mode in the S3, which allowed me to whip around the open roads while still hugging them. I never felt like I didn’t have a handle on the vehicle, even when I increased speed after snowfall. That’s because the S3 has an upgraded braking system when compared to previous models.


Riding alone (because COVID of course), I was able to zone out and enjoy my surroundings with my favorite tunes playing at supremely high quality due to the elite sound system. Whether I was using the SiriusXM satellite radio or syncing up my phone with Apple CarPlay, I felt like I was hearing music clearer than ever. That’s all thanks to the 680-watt, Bang & Olufsen® sound system with 15 speakers and a 16-channel amplifier in both models.


Always in the Know

With the head-up display, I had the information I needed right in front of me at all times so I never had to take my eyes down out of my line of sight in both models. I always knew how fast I was going, what turn to take next and what street I was navigating due to the display system.

A Different Kind of View

When I stopped to enjoy the mountain views before and after snowfall, sometimes pulling off into a park or just pulling over roadside, I felt more secure than usual when I did so. Aside from the usual rear camera, a standard feature in both the A3 and S3 was a camera in the front. It helped me avoid hazardous situations whether I was parking or making a U-turn. I felt especially comfortable in the S3, which has standard ultrasonic sensors not only in the front and rear bumpers but on the side. It allowed me to utilize the super cool park assistance feature.

S3 Interior – Audi

Speaking of Assistance

Driving for an extended period of time with few breaks, you might find yourself needing a little assistance like I did. That’s where the adaptive cruise assist, available in both models, comes in. It maintains a preset distance to the vehicle in front of you and helps you stay centered in your lane.

Comfort Isn’t Compromised

Being as tall as I am, I needed space and comfort for my drive experience. I never felt uncomfortable in the A3 or S3 because the newest models come with increases in length, width and height. No tight spaces for car lovers and their passengers, who stay cozy in the memory seats with full power function.


They Look Good

Whatever color you choose to go with, the A3 and its S3 cousin have a bolder design than before, including sharp side sculpting, a grille with honeycomb (A3) and rhombus (S3) designs, strong character lines and hood scultping and Matrix designed LED headlights.

For the luxurious experience both cars offer, they start at a pretty great price: $33,900 for the A3 and $44,900 for the S3. Research has found that women are big fans of the A3, but whether you go for the everyday car or the sporty S3, you can’t lose.

Get more info on the latest models over at the Audi website.


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