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[BLANK_AUDIO] My name is Zachia and my question is, how do you go about asking your boss about transitioning to another department in the company? Ooh, that is a good one, Shante thoughts? It's hard if you go from finance to marketing or vice versa. It actually depends on the culture of the company in my opinion. Because at least in the music industry sometimes people get a little territorial when they think that you're a good Talent, they don't wanna share you with other departments, so you have to make sure your boss is gonna support you and not kind of torpedo that. So, I would say, really test the temperature before you even ask that question, make sure you have your boss' support first. Because if you go above your boss to try to Talk to her colleges or her boss, then she's definitely gonna torpedo it. [LAUGH] So if they're against it, do you recommend that that person maybe perhaps leave their company and get some experience outside? Personally, yes, cuz I feel you spend so much time working you should do what you love. Uh-huh. If you're not happy doing whatever profession that you're in, go out and do it. And I hate saying that because it sounds so clich��. But you're only gonna be really good at things that you're really in love with. Right. That you're good at for no reason, that you do even if no one paid you for it. You'd still find a way to do it. So that's really the best advice that I would give for anybody who wants to transition out of a department. If you want to be in the A and R department at a record label, you should not be in accounting [LAUGH]. Facts. Just- Very, very different. Yeah, very different. Now the accounting check might be sweeter, but for a short amount of time. But it's just that if you're creative, being a mechanic Is not gonna work. Right. [BLANK_AUDIO]