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How To Score Uzo Aduba’s SAG Awards Hair

Celebrity hairstylist Vanessa Heshima Sims reveals how she mastered Uzo’s perfect bun for the 2015 SAG Awards.
How To Score Uzo Aduba’s SAG Awards Hair
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“We decided to go with a sleek, low bun to compliment her classic yet intricate gown,” said celebrity hairstylist Vanessa Heshima Sims on the inspiration for Uzo Aduba’s 2015 SAG Awards Hair.

Sims started with clean, damp hair, then applied Leonor Greyl Condition Naturelle to protect as well as a few drops of Huile Secret de Beaute mixed with Éclat Naturel from roots to ends.

Next, Sims smoothed her hair by using a blow drier, Mason Pearson brush, and a flat iron. Then, she used a 1 inch iron to create large barrel curls in order to create volume for Uzo’s classic sleek bun. To sets curls and add a touch of volume, Sims lightly sprayed her curls with Voluforme, then brushed her hair back and secured a low ponytail using a bungee elastic.

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Next, Sims loosely wrapped her hair around itself and began securing her hair with large opera pins. Finally, the look was finished with a light pass of Éclat Naturel over the top of the hair to smooth fly always and a light spray of Voluforme to secure.