How to Refresh an Old Twist Out
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Second day hair is a goal for some, and for others it’s a dream deferred. We all want to rock a wash n’ go or twist out style without having to completely restyle or “re-set” our hair every night. For those of us who have busy professional and social lives, spending 25-40 minutes re-twisting hair each evening is precious time that can be better spent checking items off of our endless to-do lists. I’ve learned how to embrace my day old curls and master the “Blending Method”. It’s not an official term, but I’ve been using it for years with great results. The technique works best on medium to long hair. It will only take about 10% of the time you currently spend twisting your hair.

This technique is all about giving the illusion that you re-twisted your entire head of hair. First, use a leave-in conditioner and oil to make two twists on each side of your head where your part divides your hair. Then make another twist right above your ears on each side. Next, make two twists in the crown of your head and two twists in your nape. You can leave the rest of your hair out or create huge twists so the hair won’t frizz. Only use coconut or olive oils on these sections. Don’t use a moisturizer because it will loosen the definition since the twists aren’t small enough to redefine the hair.

If you don’t have satin pillowcases, wear a satin bonnet to protect your strands as you sleep. In the AM, unravel your twists and gently pull them apart. Add a little oil and BLEND the hair. The key, much like eyes shadow application is blending. Some sections may be frizzy so flip your hair to the side that has the most definition. This will make it appear as if all of the hair was re-twisted. It’s that simple. It may take a couple of attempts before you learn the best areas to place your twists so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t come out perfectly the first go ‘round.

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Happy Twisting!