Hair Advice for Getting Sexy on Valentine’s Night
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Did you know an average of $13 billion is spent on Valentine’s Day every year? Many ladies obsess about V-day gifts and create intense evening plans, but we never consider our hair. How will it hold up during the evening? Natural hair can be a little unpredictable, so here’s a little advice to keep your hair in tact when having Valentine’s day fun.

Rock your hair wild and free. If you would like to tame it so that’s it’s not a complete mess afterward night time action, create a flat twist along your hairline and leave the hair in the back out. You can set your hair with twists, pin curls or even wand it. If your significant other gives you roses, snip the stem of one and place it by your ear. It will be the icing on the cake even though I’m sure he will be more focused on yours!

If you’re planning a romantic couples bubble bath or hot tub dip, you must consider the steam from the heat. If you have shrinkage like most of us, your best bet is to wear an ultra sleek topknot. Add a few curls adjacent to your ears and around the nape of your neck. Another option is to make a halo braid which holds all of your hair in an elegant style. Securing your hair in these styles ensures your hair won’t go from Foxy Cleopatra to TWA status after the steam hits it.

A little extra advice (at no additional charge), wear sexy lingerie that your man has never seen before. That same ole bra and panty set won’t cut it! Choose a fragrance that contains a natural aphrodisiac to increase his sexual arousal. Last but not least, don’t forget your contraceptive. This is particularly important when you’re not ready to be drafted to #TeamMommy like me.

I hope you enjoy your day and know that you and your curls are passionately loved, with or without a Valentine.