American Ballet’s Erica Lall Flawlessly Recreates Aunt Viv Scene
Facebook/ Erica Lall

Erica Lall, a dancer for the American Ballet Theatre, is the internet’s latest champion after going viral with her stellar recreation of Aunt Viv’s dance scene from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

If you remember, Aunt Viv attends a dance class, where she meets two snobby women who refuse to believe she’s capable of being a good dancer. Needless to say, Aunt Viv slays and struts out of the class leaving the girls with their jaws on the floor, but not before giving a snap in their direction. Lall, dressed in a light pink leotard, nails the dance with similar spirit and attitude.  

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Lall joined the American Ballet Theatre Studio Company in September 2014, becoming an apprentice last December before becoming a member of the corps de ballet in May. The Texas-raised dancer has also performed with the Houston Ballet and Dance Theatre of Harlem. 

Video of Lall recreating the dance has since gone viral, commenters flooding the dancer’s Instagram with praise. “ALL TYPES OF EXCELLENCE,” wrote one user, while another added, “THEEEE BEST! Thank you for bringing one of the best scenes from Fresh Prince to life.” 

Well done, Erica. Aunt Viv would be proud.