It’s officially Black History Month.

This month, like every other month, we honor those that paved the way for us to flourish, shaped our culture and taught us how to fight for equality.

We also celebrate those that are currently blazing trails and creating a different future for today’s children.

Funny enough, the idea of having a month dedicated to honoring the achievements and contributions of Black people has been questioned in the weeks leading up the yearly celebration.

Stacey Dash recently spoke to Fox News’ Fox & Friends and said that Black History Month should be a thing of the past. She argued that if Black people in America want to be considered equal, we have to decide whether we want to be integrated or segregated.

If you’re like Gabrielle Union and don’t know who that is, don’t worry because, despite Dash’s comments, Black History Month is in full effect.

We want to know what you think. Why is Black History Month still important and what does it mean to you? Sound off below.

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