Charles Haley Was The First To Win Five Super Bowls
Focus On Sport

The New England Patriots’ win over the Atlanta Falcons during Super Bowl 51 was historic, as Tom Brady became the first quarterback to win five championships.

However, he wasn’t the first football player to do it.

Retired NFL player Charles Haley held the title for 21 years as the first NFL player to win five Super Bowls. The NFL Pro Football Hall of Famer is a former linebacker and defensive end for the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys. Haley has been described as “the defensive end’s speed, agility and violence that terrified quarterbacks of the ’80s and ’90s” who “crushed quarterbacks and taunted opponents without mercy.”

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Although Haley and Brady are now tied with championship wins, Brady acquired his fifth Super Bowl victory over the course of 17 seasons, compared to only 12 seasons for Haley.

Jesse Williams, actor and civil rights activist, brought this fact to light this week in a tweet.

After the Patriots’ win, Haley congratulated the fellow five-ring champion and challenged him to get another.

Haley, who grew up in Gladys, Virginia, once told reporters, “I’m the only man with five Super Bowl rings. I get a little lightheaded because I’m on top of that mountain by myself.”

Looks like he has some company now!