40 Docs And Specials To Learn From This Black History Month
Lebrecht Music & Arts / Alamy Stock Photo

Black history lives at diplomatic conferences, in comedy clubs, on street corners, and behind tennis courts, but filmmakers and researchers are taking us beyond the usual stops to learn about its power this Black History Month. 

Creative and biological descendants of the life’s blood of Black history are using their voices to introduce us to the motives and fears of those deciated to making change using exclusive clips and interviews. They are following subjects as they accomplish their greatest achievements and work through some of their toughest times. See the humanity in your favorite R&B voices, learn the origin story of controversial comedians, join athletes as they chase greatness, and listen to an opera singer prove her talent to be undeniable.

Documentaries are ushering audiences into opera halls, country clubs, church pews, the front row of fashion shows, inside real estate deals and international embassies, and between the pages of mole skin notebooks to see accomplishments taking place in multiple industries, regions, and genres. They are also exploring the challenges faced by Black storytellers, actors contemporary artists, and politicians.

See 40 specials we are watching and learning from this Black History month below.


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