Let’s start by saying this isn’t your ordinary dollhouse.

It’s no surprise that Barbie is one of the top-selling picks for little girls today. And just when we think they’ve hit their peak, they release the new Barbie Hello Dreamhouse. This new Wi-Fi voice activated dollhouse is fir first of its kind and totally HGTV worthy.  

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If your little one is a doll lover, there’s no better accessory for a doll than a house to live in. And this house is beyond any dollhouse you’ve ever seen. The Barbie Hello Dreamhouse can be connected to wifi and respond to over 100 voice commands. Just say, “Hello Dreamhouse” and your wish is granted. Voice commands can be used to turn the stairs into a slide, turn the shower on, open doors and so much more. If that alone isn’t enough to keep her entertained, there’s more. This home has 6 rooms, brightly colored furniture, a working fireplace and an oven that alerts when dinner is ready. Sure, it’s a splurge, but it’s worth it. With a house this technologically advanced, she’ll be playing with it for years to come.

The Barbie Hello Dreamhouse is available on Amazon for $215.