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5 Twists to Upgrade Your Next Holiday Event

From cocktail hour to kid-friendly tips, refresh your next gathering
5 Hosting Upgrades for Your Next Holiday Event
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Be inspired this holiday to spice your gathering with those you love. Here are a few ideas to refresh your event and you. Theme Contest. Who doesn’t love an Ugly Christmas Sweater contest? How about a twin contest where your guests, their spouse and their children all show up dressed alike? Make this year’s holiday party not only funky but also have a small gift ready for the winners of this contest. The prize can be a gift card from a store or dinner for two. Brunch. Instead of preparing dinner this year, consider hosting a holiday brunch. Food can be light and easy. Serve mimosas and other brunch cocktails. Have a waffle bar and ask guests to bring their favorite waffle toppings. “For menu planning, it’s a great idea to mix dishes that can be prepared ahead of time with a few dishes that you prepare the day of. And don’t forget about the mimosa bar!” shares Riche Holmes Grant,Host of The Riche Life and Williams Sonoma Culinary Expert. Cocktail Hour. This adults-only event can incorporate a few hors d’oeuvres and yummy cocktails. To jazz things up a bit, have a friend walk around with a cute tray for guests to grab their drinks from. Remember Little Guests. Kids want to have fun too. Introduce a kiddie ornament exchange or an ornament decorating table. This gets the little ones engaged in what’s going on and makes their visit a bit more pleasant., “We want our little guests to be as involved in the Christmas celebration as much as possible, and understand why we celebrate,” shares Christine St. Vil of Moms ‘N Charge. “So, activities that allow us to participate together as a family is where the magic happens.” Take a Break. If you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed, give yourself permission to take a break. There’s nothing worse than not being able to enjoy your own party. Even if you need to chill on the sofa sipping an adult beverage, do it. It’s your house, so you call the shots. Wellness expert Sherrell Moore-Tucker of MindBody FAITH suggests that you “value yourself and your guests by taking a few moments to recharge. Your guests rely on your positive energy.” Enjoy this season of love and giving.