You have probably heard the phrase, “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” Well, Tabitha Brown, entrepreneur, vegan influencer, and bestselling author, is here to talk about just that.

Nourish Yourself
Self-care is not just a buzz word; it is an essential component of having a balanced life. Finding ways to replenish and fuel your mind and body are necessary now more than ever. Some practice self-care through yoga or exercise, others achieve it through a hot bath or a beauty treatment, but Tabitha chooses a different path. She refreshes her body from the inside out with a good breakfast and a glass of Tropicana Pure Premium, to start her day. That burst of amazing flavor is filled with Vitamin C, to help support a healthy immune system. And then she feeds her soul with a visit from her friends.

Watch now for more great tips and to see how to make her Avocado Toast recipe with Sliced Oranges and Sweet Potato Hash.

Layer on Self-Love
Tabitha uses her recipes to reflect on her well-being and invites you to consider doing the same. So, as you create in the kitchen let everyday items remind you to check in with yourself. For example, when you spread avocado on toast, think about how you want to cover yourself, thick like you need a lot of love today or thin, like a little pat on the back. When you see tomatoes, let their color bring reg flags to mind and use it as a prompt to see if you are feeling good—and if something doesn’t feel right, take a moment for you to understand why. And onions can make you cry, and as Tabitha says, sometimes we need that too.

No matter where you are in life or how you are feeling today, remember that your life has value and purpose.  You matter, and you will always (like the pickles in the recipe that Tabitha referenced) be a big deal.

Eat Well, Be Well
Grab your friends, get your brunch on, and pour into each other—because nothing is as satisfying as quality time filled with love and laughter. Tabitha has a great, vegan twist on a traditional brunch featuring Avocado Toast with Sliced Oranges and Sweet Potato Hash.

Use this shopping list to stock up on the ingredients and be sure to watch the video for the recipe:
Dave’s Killer Sprouted Bread
Small Aroma Tomatoes
Clausen Sliced Pickles
Purple Onion
Sweet Potatoes
Tropicana Pure Premium