In The Midst Of Yung Joc And Usher’s Viral Hairstyles, Let’s Not Forget The Ones Who Paved The Way

Young Joc via Instagram

Just waiting for Verdine White and Andre 3000 to chime in.
Jazmin Brooks Jan, 07, 2019

Yung Joc has been rocking his pressed and curled high-top fade since 2016, and recently primped his look by dying his straight hair teal after being faced with a bit of competition from Usher. Usher recently debuted his pressed and curled high-top fade on Instagram, and it instantly went viral. Looks like Yung Joc is taking on the competition – but, we’re not sure if Usher will be willing to one-up him.

While we’re tuned in for the men’s pressed and curled hair chronicles, let’s not forget the ones that paved the way. James Brown, Nickolas Ashford, Prince, and Michael Jackson weren’t just known for their groundbreaking music, but also their leading-edge styles. Let’s reminisce on the trend that is being revamped today.

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James Brown

Verdine White

Nickolas Ashford


Neil Lupin

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson showcases his signature style.

Snoop Dogg


Andre 3000