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MUST WATCH: Another Wig Is Lost To An Amusement Park Ride And It's Hilarious

This video gives a new meaning to 'hair raising ride.'

Earlier this year we saw hilarious videos of women losing their wigs to the strong winds of amusement park rides. We all had big laughs about it, but if you’re a wig wearer it’s quite scary, and also cautionary.

This latest video to hit Instagram is not only as funny as the others, but it’s also a reminder that you must invest in products like Got2Be glue, Bold Hold adhesive, or at least firm hold bobby pins if you’re going to rock a unit. The woman in the video is a good sport about it, despite her light pink bob flying off within seconds of the ride beginning.

MUST WATCH: Woman’s Wig Flies Off During Amusement Park Ride
MUST WATCH: Woman’s Wig Flies Off During Amusement Park Ride

She was bold for getting on the ride knowing that she hadn’t taken the proper precautions to secure the hair piece. The man with her laughs hysterically, shouting, “your wig flew off!”

It’s unclear whether this was a first date, or if he’s BAE and he already knew that she was wearing a unit. Either way, he doesn’t seem phased. If it was indeed a first date, what a hell of a way to break the ice. It’s only up from there, right?

A quality unit can cost you some decent coin, so we just hope sis was able to retrieve her piece when she got off the ride.

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Girl loses wig on slingshot ride

This is why you shouldn't wear a wig on a slingshot ride! 😂💨(Wait until 01.12 to see the boy's reaction to her losing the wig)

Posted by Daily Mail on Wednesday, June 26, 2019