Wig Out: A Vacation Weave Success Story

Our resident wig queen ditched her usual flow for a fun, flirty sewn-in style for her tropical vacation and it was the hottest accessory she brought on her trip.

Charli Penn Aug, 12, 2014

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It was a last-minute decision to go with a sewn-in style for my summer beach vacation, so I needed a good sewn-in weave in a hurry. I took my two bundles of Echelon Nature Curly with me to popular express weaving chain The Weave Shop (home of "the original $50 weave") location in Bloomfield, New Jersey, to give their Platinum Weave service a try. As a first-timer, I was super impressed. I was out of there in less than two hours, and even though the style was sewn in nice and tight, I had no post-weaving discomfort. #winning

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Fuss-free curls are my favorites for vacation moments. They require less effort but bring more style, which is key when you have a 7a.m. flight to Punta Cana to catch with the hubby. (Wink!)

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When you're enjoying a moment of beach bliss, hair that holds its style wet or dry is a must. Scored here too. The curls held their own by the pool but fluffed to perfection just in time for dinner. That's where the decision to go with human hair versus synthetic makes all of the difference in my book. Ladies, would you agree?

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The ocean breeze took my hair to new heights. (I don't think I'll ever be the lazy vacation wig-wearer again.) Shout out to Monif C's sexy "St. Vincent" one-piece for complementing my curls perfectly.

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I'm not kidding when I tell you I took this hair from the ocean floor to the mountain tops and it stood by me. See? When I wear wigs, I get a little antsy atop a mountain when the wind kicks up, but this time around, the switch to a sewn-in style for summer left me feeling more confident and relaxed than ever.

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Three weeks after installation the hair is still going strong. I must say, after countless dips in the pool and ocean, with a wash and condition job after each, these curls aren't going anywhere. Now that's a vacation weave success story! (Hallelujah!) Follow Charli on Instagram or Twitter for more weave tales!


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