Traditional weaves are great if you can commit to one hairstyle and texture. But what if you like to change it up?

Clip-ins give you that flexibility—and you can put them in at home. No glue, no thread, no hassle. Rock a fro, side-swept bangs, a bob, a long mane and return to the fro all in the same week.

Here’s how these gadgets work: Section your hair into parts and then snap your premeasured clip-ins into place—it’s really that easy. If you’re leaving some of your hair out, try to match the textures as closely as possible. Buy bundles of clips to complete one full head of hair or single tracks for fullness. Use the four-piece from Perfect Hair Collection for your entire head. Creative Director Noël Reid-Killings of Noël New York Salon & Boutique in Brooklyn customizes each clip-in, carefully staggering the tracks to create a smooth look. For fros and extra curly styles, Kurly Klips rule—they keep their fly coils after multiple washings.