5 Things Every Weave Queen Should Know
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Hair wisdom isn’t something my mother ever passed down to me. She wore a mean ‘fro through the 80s and early 90s up until she passed away when I was nine. Being raised by my father, I wasn’t necessarily being gifted with gems on hair care on the rides home from school. Needless to say I was winging it long before I swapped my perm out for natural cornrows with a wig or weave on top, and when I did, not knowing the smartest way to care for my hair only got more complicated. Now, I’m not a hair expert, but I have learned (the hard way!) over the years that certain rules for buying and wearing weaves/wigs can save your hair and some money inside your wallet. Here’s to hoping it might help you not make some of the epic weave fails I’ve encountered thus far. Are you ready for a real talk moment?

1. Throwing a wig or weave on top of damaged or over-processed hair leads to trouble.
As a lazy grad student I was too busy to braid my hair and too lazy to cut out the perm. Instead I tossed a wig on top of whatever was there and my thick locks were no match for those comb and clamps. It destroyed patches of my hair (specifically around the edges) permanently and they have yet to grow back with the same health and length as before.

2. Not all hair is created equal.
The cheaper the weave/the wig, the worse it treated my hair. They say you get what you pay for and there’s total truth to that when it comes to hair weave. If it’s blending with your natural hair beware of harsh tracks/combs/textures that can do more harm than good. The higher the price tag, the greater the chance that it was designed with safer hair care in mind.

3. Even a great weave has to come out eventually.
Sometimes when we splurge on a weave style that’s supposed to last “three to six months” we tell ourselves that no matter what, it has to because we budgeted for such (or it looks that good.) The trouble is, sometimes your hair is telling you that it needs a break and you have to be willing to forego the style for the safety of the hair your cherish underneath.

4. Weaves and wigs can put the most stress on your edges.
And, they can be the toughest sections of your hair to get back in good health. Treat them well, always.

5. Own your choices and don’t let pressures from others deter your decision to rock a weave.
As I’ve blogged about before, sometimes depending on your lifestyle rockin’ hair that’s not your own is an easier, more realistic choice. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. I’ve been the target of a few guilt trips from my team natural girlfriends in the past, but I stand by what’s easiest for me right now, and you should too.