19 Unique Undercut and Long Hair Combos That Will Give You Life

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This is bound to be the most requested look of spring and summer.

Jennifer Ford May, 09, 2017

Spring is the time to try a bold new hairstyle. Between bedazzled braids and Rapunzel tresses in colors unimaginable, the menu of edgy hairstyles to try this season is super appetizing and it just got even better.

Creative undercuts are the latest addition to the buffet of styling options, and we’re completely enamored with the buzzy look.

Like most beauty trends, celebs have led the charge. We first spotted variations of this look on rappers like Salt-N-Pepa in the ’80s and since then, it’s evolved into an updated version spotted on other A-listers, like Rihanna during her Good Girl Gone Bad era. 

While the cut involves shaving sections of your hair, the artsy lines are a versatile addition to all sorts of styles and lengths. If you’re itching to try something different, bookmark these amazing undercut and long hair combos, spotted on Instagram.



1 of 19 @b.k_bescene/Instagram

This tribal undercut is playing peek-a-boo and we're obsessed. 

2 of 19 @magavilhas/Instagram


3 of 19 @hair_brained/Instagram

These zig zags are downright chic.

4 of 19 @pearlfect_ten/Instagram

Up ante on your protective styles for summer with this fun take on jumbo twists. 

5 of 19 @brklynbreed/Instagram

Blonde bombshell.

6 of 19 @krishtun/Instagram

You can rock a protective style and edgy undercut at the same time.

7 of 19 @prf8gold/Instagram

This cut is fab, fresh and faded.

8 of 19 @krishtun/Instagram

This tiger print undercut is fierce!

9 of 19 @thehairsurgeon_/Instagram

These arrows will lead you right to baber shop to copy this super cute look.

10 of 19 @shanelthehairstylist/Instagram

You can't miss this vibrant 'do! 

11 of 19 @trulytafakari/Instagram

There are levels to this. Take your cut to new heights with an edgy style like this one. 

12 of 19 @lexiwiththecurls/Instagram

Fresh with faux locs! 

13 of 19 @amandizzllee/Instagram

This ombré undercut is summer hair goals.

14 of 19 @iimakeyou.jealous/Instagram

This is how you slay an undercut, braids and a ponytail at the same time. #Goals

15 of 19 @skimeaux/Instagram

Loving this fresh take on the classic bob. 

16 of 19 @musicjunkyy/Instagram

*Inserts heart eye emoji!

17 of 19 @thirdworldphenom/Instagram


Yes, you can rock a classic updo and and edgy undercut at the same time!

18 of 19 @dreloveee/Instagram

This undercut is giving us all sorts of '80s feels.

19 of 19 @hairbychantellen/Instagram


This under cut with side swept bangs is everything.