6 Space-Saving Hair Hacks To Jot Down Before Your Next Vacation

It's the night before a much needed vacation begins and instead of sleeping, you're debating which hair products are worth stuffing into your suitcase. Good news: there's hope for those who have trouble leaving things behind. Jot down these space-saving travel hacks before you lose another night's sleep....or your full-sized products to a TSA agent. 

Bukky Ojeifo Jul, 27, 2017

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You've had two places for your extra hair products to live all along! Simply slide a bottle of your favorite moisturizer or curl enhancer in to the soles of your shoes and voila: more space! However, make sure your products are wrapped in a Ziploc bag or some plastic beforehand to avoid any spillage. 

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If you're fiercely dedicated to a holy grail of products, try mixing your favorites together in travel size containers that won't take up space in your carry-on. This will also save you a few steps when it's time to style your hair. However, be sure to mix well since oil tends to separate from heavier products and keep your cocktail in a cool place after reaching your destination. 

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Are you traveling with at least one other person? Take a moment to discuss what hair items you'll be packing. If you discover that you're bringing the same products, you can free up more space by divvying up your must-haves instead of leaving one person to sacrifice all of the space inside their suitcase.

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Let dry shampoo be your best friend! No need to pack your favorite full size shampoos and conditioners when you have this must-have travel item. Not only does it save space; it's also less likely to explode inside your suitcase.  

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Leave your large, bulky flat iron at home and grab a mini flat iron to use whenever you hit the road! Mini Flat Irons are great for quick touch ups when you're wearing a heated style. 

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Between our combs, brushes, bobby pins, hair ties, turbans and any other hair accessory that needs to travel with us, accessories can go missing pretty quickly. So avoid your inevitable frantic search by placing everything into ....your scarf or shower cap! And if you want extra security, place your smallest items into a Ziploc bag beforehand.

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