As I scanned the room, my eyes moved back and forth taking in the various textures, colors, ‘cuts and styles adorning the naturals sipping and chatting across the room. I had never seen such an array of natural hairstyles in one space before. I was attending a natural hair meet-up in Memphis, Tennessee. I had often imagined the day when I would walk into a store, party or movie theatre and the majority of the women were rocking their afro hair texture. It really is a stunning sight to witness. If you are transitioning, attending natural hair events can greatly help you as you usher in your kinky curly roots.

Seeing gorgeous Black women wearing their hair proudly at these events empowered me. It helped me become even more confident about my decision to go natural. If you lack education on a certain topic, there are usually trained dermatologists, hair stylists and natural hair advocates who can help you solve a hair dilemma or answer any questions that may have you stumped. At many of the events I have attended, there were a panel of speakers as well as workshops and sessions designed to inform and educate.

These events are also just plain FUN. I’ve attended an event where there were musical performances, poetry, a fashion show and even young girls competing in a Little Miss Natural pageant. When I’m in a room full of hundreds of Black women who are positive, encouraging and making moves in the business world- it inspires me. I’ve never seen Black women come together like this before. You can feel the sisterhood within the natural hair community. The comradery is like nothing else.

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Whenever someone says there isn’t much you can do with natural hair, I say go to a natural hair meet-up and you will quickly see otherwise. If you need inspiration, encouragement, motivation or education—natural hair events will provide that and more. Transitioners, don’t be hesitant to attend these events because your hair isn’t fully natural. I’m positive the fro’ed-out naturalistas will welcome you and your two textures with open arms.