Transitioning No-No’s to Avoid
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I’m a black-and-white kind of gal. Things are either/or; I hate gray areas. When I was transitioning, the experience was easier when I knew exactly what I should and shouldn’t do in order to achieve any goal. Here are a few things I learned not to do when having a healthy transition.

1.) Don’t wear hairstyles that are damaging to your hair. Just because it’s fashionable, doesn’t mean it’s for you. Don’t wear braided styles that are too tight and cause your edges to thin.

2.) Don’t constantly flat iron your hair. This will possibly leave you with heat damage. Be #TeamNoHD.

3.) Create a regimen. It is important to have a routine so you can ensure your hair is receiving the proper moisture and overall care. Be organized pimpin’.

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4.) Don’t manhandle your hair. Treat your hair as if it was a delicate silk. Naturals often cause unnecessary breakage to their hair because they are too rough with it. Be gentle.

5.) Don’t become a product junkie. It’s very easy to get caught up in using the latest products. When you find something that works stick with it. Like my dad always said, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Plus, there currently isn’t a rehab that will cure you.

6.) Don’t obsess over someone else’s hair texture and wish yours will come out that way when you big chop. Why? Because 9 times out of 10 your hair will look nothing like there’s. This will leave you crying a river.

Good luck on your transition even though you won’t need it!