Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. When I was a little girl, it was all about trick or treating and the candy. Now, it’s all about finding a cool costume and the best partay to fall into. Many naturals choose costumes that are based around a natural hair style. Some favorites over the years have been Niobe from the Matrix (Bantu knots), Janelle Monae (pompadour) and Foxy Cleopatra (picked out ‘fro).

Some costumes require wigs while others call for temporary color to achieve the desired look. Some of you may be diehard Halloween heads determined to get your entire look perfect at all costs but don’t forget about your hair’s health. Some costumes come with spray on hair color that is usually comprised of alcohol. This can severely dry out your hair especially if it’s left in overnight. When the festivities end, wash your hair before you wiggle into bed. If you’re too exhausted from the night’s shenanigans, simply rinse it quickly or add coconut oil to counter the dryness as you slumber and wash your hair in the AM.

I know Halloween is only one night but so much damage can be done if accessories are used incorrectly. If it feels tight or uncomfortable when the accessory is installed, remove it immediately. Beware of pulling your hair too tightly to achieve the perfect ballerina bun or Iggy Azelea ponytail. You can lose strands, thin your edges and even permanently damage your scalp in a matter of hours. If your costume requires you to wear clip in extensions or any additions, test them out first. Rushing as you add hair or an accessory you’ve never used before can easily end in disaster. And most importantly scare somebody, eat a ton of chocolate, watch scary movies, visit a haunted house…basically, have fun! Happy Halloween!