How to Tweak Your Hair Regimen For Fall

Summa, summa, summa time will officially end this month welcoming cooler breezes and beautifully hued falling leaves. Fall is among my favorite seasons due to the endless fall fashion. Don't only focus on changing your wardrobe, your hair regimen needs adjusting too. Here are a few tweaks you may need to make to your hair routine in preparation for the fall season.

Chime Edwards Sep, 02, 2015

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Incorporate more protective styles into your routine especially if you know your hair doesn't react well in cold weather. Twists, braids and buns are excellent options. Protective styling will help you maintain strong, moisturized and healthy hair.

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Protein treatments can be an asset to your hair's health, but one could experience adverse reactions in cooler months. If not properly balanced with moisture, the protein can fortify the hair's structure; hardening your tresses.

Immediately follow any protein treatments with a rich moisturizing conditioner, leave-in conditioner and seal with an oil.

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Up your oil game! Apply more oil to the ends of your hair daily to act as added protection to your hair from the harsh winds or cold.

If you use an oil that hardens in cold weather like coconut oil (coconut oil can harden), you may want to switch to an oil that does not solidify in cooler temperatures like olive oil or castor oil. No one wants to walk around thinking they look fly but in actuality it looks as if you haven't washed your hair since Obama's inauguration.

What tweaks do you plan to make to your hair regimen this fall?