How To Stay Natural After Big Chopping
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After transitioners jump headfirst down the natural rabbit hole, many are taken aback by the difficulties of managing a head of completely natural hair. Many newly natural chicks assume they are fully capable since they’ve been managing transitioning hair for months and in some cases years. This isn’t always the case. So, how does one stay in Natural Land without begging someone to drop a rope for rescue?

Acknowledge that you are not the only person experiencing feelings of frustration, regret and defeat. Most naturals have these emotions after big chopping, so you’re not alone. Strive to find solace in that. Your journey does not end after you big chop. It’s simply flipping the page to the next chapter of your journey. Understand that you will not know how to care for your hair perfectly when you big chop. When frustration rises, you will be better equipped to suppress it.

Remember: It will take months, and for some, even years to overcome hair issues. It takes time but you will reach a point when this natural thing will be a piece of cheesecake. If you feel less attractive after you big chop, realize this too is a common reaction. You are accustomed to seeing yourself look a certain way therefore making a drastic change like severing the majority of your hair can be traumatic. Replace the hair you cut with confidence. Remember, your face remains unchanged as well as your spirit. Your soul is where your true beauty dwells. Sounds cliche’ but it’s true!

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How do you stay natural once you big chop? Be mentally prepared for the obstacles and emotional roller coaster you may ride. Use the reasons you went natural and the transitioning journey you endured to reach this point as motivation to keep pressing forward. Keep in mind a relaxer isn’t the answer. It will temporarily help your self-esteem, but intruding thoughts of transitioning will rise again.

Don’t go AWOL because the war is harder than you originally anticipated. You’re a soldier. Adorn your body in camouflage, lace up your boots and fight a good fight!