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How to Have a Stress-Free Hair Journey

I loved my journey, but I I quickly realized that obsessing over my hair was unhealthy.
How to Have a Stress-Free Hair Journey
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Going natural is an adventure filled with highs and lows. When I did my big chop years ago, I felt liberated. Eventually I realized that I became somewhat obsessed with my hair not doing certain things I wanted (like, growing very fast). But, I quickly realized that obsessing over my hair was unhealthy. Here’s how I avoided being overwhelmed during my natural hair journey.

Tip 1: Understand that going natural is process that will take time. I had to remind myself that healthy hair is more important. In my opinion, health will eventually lead to longer hair.

Tip 2: Take photos. Taking photos has helped me so much. The in between stage was the hardest stage for me. The honeymoon phase of having natural hair passed and I wanted to see my length. I felt as if my hair would never grow. Taking photos every month allowed me to gradual progression. It really helped me whenever I felt a little down about my hair growth process.

Tip 3: Get support. Share you concerns with your curlfriends. I am sure she has had her moments of feeling overwhelmed during her natural hair journey too. Discussing the ups and downs of natural hair with a friend is not only a great way to get your feelings out, but it also gives you another perspective on natural hair.

Tip 4: Step away from the computer or social media site. Sometimes it is best to take a break from natural hair websites or social media pages featuring natural hair if you feel you are getting overwhelmed. Product advertisements, bloggers, and the like can sometimes create a false reality for you and your hair journey. Bloggers and natural hair websites are great tools for encouragement and inspiration but sometimes it is best to take time out and get to know your hair likes and dislikes.

Tip 5: Frustration is okay. At one point early in my natural hair journey, I had to tell myself that is okay to get a little frustrated. I had to get reacquainted with my natural hair after having relaxed hair for almost 20 years. It will take time. At the end of the day I realized that my hair is an amazing accessory but it does not define me. Deep down inside I knew everything would work out.