Get The Perfect Blowout While Transitioning
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If your hair shrinks excessively, blowing your hair out is one easy way to see length and experience the splendor of rockin’ a colossal ‘fro.

First, before you blow your hair out, wash it. Cleanse your hair of dirt and product build up. The foundation you start with is a vital part of achieving optimal results. After your hair is clean, lightly apply a moisturizer and heat protectant spray. Next, part your hair in four sections. This will allow you to concentrate on small sections of hair, ensuring every strand is stretched to the maximum level. Then grab your wide toothed comb and detangle your hair section by section. If your hair shrinks easily, braid the sections to keep them stretched.

It is best to use a dryer with a comb attachment. The comb is an added tool to aid in the stretching process. The comb pulls the hair out as it is being dried which releases the kinky, curly texture and creates stretched hair. Grab sections that are about an inch to an inch and a half wide and begin applying heat starting at the ends of the section and moving slowly towards the roots. Take your time. After the section is dry, do not continue to make passes over it with the dryer. This may cause damage unnecessarily. When you have completed your entire head of hair, you will be able to visibly see the length you have gained.

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It is fun to switch your hair up but remember the hair you have naturally is the most beautiful. Our relationship with our hair is comparable to the relationship many mothers have with their children. Even though it frustrates you, gives you anxiety and doesn’t do what you want it to do all the time, you love it anyway. Enjoy!