Found in Transition: Cipriana Quann On The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Vitamin D

A beautiful day at the beach can turn into a living nightmare for our hair if left unprotected from the sun. Although vitamin D is a necessity for our bodies, navigating your exposure to the nutrient as a transitioner can be a bit tricky because your hair is very fragile—especially at the line of demarcation. Tune in as I explain the good and the bad of Vitamin D, how the sun affects our hair, and what exactly you can do to prevent damage.

Cipriana Quann Jun, 09, 2014

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The Lack of Vitamin D can directly correlate to unnecessary hair loss, even playing a major role in disrupting the hair follicle cycle, causing premature shedding and stunted growth.

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Consuming foods with hearty dose of vitamin D such as salmon, tuna, soy milk, orange juice, fortified cereals, shiitake mushrooms and egg yolks can supply your body with the necessary dose, which in return will benefit your hair. Strands that are properly nourished vitamin D tend to be the healthiest, producing stronger cuticles, providing a better barrier against the sun's UVA and UVB rays.

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Many of us know the power of 100% all natural extra virgin coconut oil but one of the main reasons why this oil is in a league of it's own regarding protection against the sun, is its ability to provide "real" moisture rather than just retain moisture. Water is the only substance that is able to provide 100% moisture, but there are a few oils that have the properties to provide real moisture like water such as extra virgin olive oil, and avocado oil but extra virgin coconut oil is the leader of the pack due to its astonishing 50% real moisture capability. The only oil that comes close is extra virgin olive oil at 25%.

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Over exposure from the sun—and consuming too much vitamin D—can leave hair cuticles weakened and dry.

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