Found in Transition: Chime Edwards On Using Hair Accessories While Transitioning
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Growing up in rural Mississippi was slow paced, but awesome. Exploring the woods behind our home with my siblings was one of my favorite pastimes. My mom would often style our pressed hair in what we now refer to in the natural community as protective styles. It was either several plats all over or a ponytail with multiple braids that we would sometimes tuck under or put in a bun. My mom was strict when it came to our hair; she was serious about preserving our hair health. We couldn’t wear it “out” unless it was a special occasion or holiday like Easter (I couldn’t wait to wear the Shirley Temple curls church). I would get bored wearing my hair the same way all the time but boy, how things changed when I discovered the wonders of hair accessories. Back then, my favorite accessories to wear were headbands. I had a dresser drawer full of them. They helped to keep my edges flat while jazzing up my hairstyle simultaneously.

As you transition, hair accessories are a great tool to utilize in the summer months. There are a variety to choose from to fit your personal style: hats, floral headbands, bows, etc. But the accessory that will benefit your transitioning tresses the most in the summer is a scarf. When you have different textures, you need all the help you can get blending them when you style your hair—especially with puffy edges.

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Instead of using headbands, use scarves to smooth your edges. Headbands are generally too loose to flatten the new growth in your hairline. You can also use scarves to wear turbans that will completely protect your hair from the sun. I love scarves because they come in a variety of patterns and textures that can suit any look. Whether you’re sporting a bun, ponytail, or your hair down and free, you can incorporate a scarf into the look to help masque the hairline. Be strong, the finish line is near!

Chime Edwards is an extremely popular YouTube vlogger with over 145,000 subscribers. Chime was also featured in Nikki Walton’s (Curly Nikki) book, ‘Better Than Good Hair.’