These days everyone is looking for shortcuts, or the wrong way to do the right thing. But when it comes to transitioning to natural hair, that’s never a good look. transitioning is just like any other goal you’ve set for yourself, it takes time and you must take proper precautions. Take fitness as an example. If your goal is to lose 20-pounds but you’re still eating greasy foods, that doesn’t help much. On the outside your body is immaculate, but internally it’s in shambles. This is never a good look and you can have a similar outcome if you transition improperly.

The good news is, transitioning is easy if you follow three rules: 1. Don’t use heat excessively. 2. Moisturize and deep condition regularly. 3. Clip your ends and stay away from damaging hairstyles. The rules seem simple enough, but I know that doesn’t mean they’re easy to commit to. The key is to stay disciplined and commit to reaching the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. And more importantly, you must follow all the rules. Don’t commit to healthy hairstyles but fail to moisturize properly. This could leave you with unhealthy natural hair in the end.

Your hair will look great, but eventually you’ll see damaged strands. Your hair’s health should be your number one priority as you transition, not just looking good. At the end of your journey you just don’t want to be able to say you finally have a gorgeous ‘fro but you should also be able to declare your hair is beautiful from the inside out.

Chime Edwards is an extremely popular YouTube vlogger with over 145,000 subscribers. Chime was also featured in Nikki Walton’s (Curly Nikki) book, ‘Better Than Good Hair.’

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