Ask The Experts: Miss Lawrence Offers The Best Hair Treatments For Transitioners
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When you’re transitioning to natural hair, your number one goal is to minimize hair breakage. Sounds easy, but ask any transition graduate and they’ll tell you otherwise. The process is easier said than done, but with the proper tools it can be a walk in the park—kind of. “Two of my must have restorative treatment oils can be found right in your kitchen cupboard,” says the celebrity stylist. Find out which oils and pomades are best to use with transforming your hair, and catch him on Fashion Queens Sundays on Bravo at 11:30PM ET.

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is equally beneficial if used either externally or internally. It’s a conditioning oil that reduces protein loss for both healthy and problematic hair. It can be used as a pre-shampoo or a post shampoo treatment oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Extra virgin olive oils can be used as a pre or post shampoo treatment, too. Extra virgin olive is rich in vitamin E which promotes hair growth. It’s also great for dehydration issues with hair.

Styling Oils and Pommades
My favorite is Aveda Brilliant emollient. This is a great styling aid as it smoothes those frizzy ends and conditions so that the hair is easier to comb without leaving a heavy and greasy build This works to create a seamless blend when other oils could weigh down the extensions causing hair not to blend as well. Also, Paul Mitchell foaming pommade is another ace up my sleeve for creating that alluring shine and reflection on short, curly, wavy, and stubborn hair.