Toya Wright Gets Real About Losing Her Hair Due To Postpartum Alopecia
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We all know life as a new mom is anything but easy. Adjusting to life postpartum can be quiet challenging, but one thing that’s rarely talked about is the impact it can have on your hair.
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Thinning edges is something that impacts lots of women for a variety of reasons, with one of the most common reasons being long periods of wearing hairstyles that put a strain on your already-delicate hairline. Another possible cause is for thinning edges is hormonal changes that occur after having a child, which is what happened to new mom Toya Wright. The 34-year-old entrepreneur and television personality recently took to Instagram to share her current hair journey with the world. In a lengthy caption that accompanied a photo of her severely thinning edges, she shared that she initially couldn’t figure out why her hair was falling out. After doing some research, she realized that new moms can shed lots of hair in the few months following their pregnancy. Known as postpartum alopecia, the condition is treatable, not necessarily permanent and totally normal. “Your hair should be back to normal around your baby’s first birthday,” Toya wrote in the caption. “That’s way too long to be without edges but it’s a part of the beauty of giving birth. I just wanted to share that with you ladies. Who else is experiencing postpartum hair loss? …..cause I don’t like it. Have you or someone you know ever experienced postpartum alopecia?