Tia Mowry Shows Off Her Gray Hair and Looks Flawless
Gary Gershoff

Tia Mowry’s willingness to be candid both on and offline is what makes her one of our favorite people in Hollywood.

She’s opened up about her health struggles, let us in on her culinary adventures and shared countless family moments with her husband and son on Instagram.

Now, she’s getting all the way real about aging and we’re here for it. Gray hair is a completely normal part of getting older and thankfully, we’ve moved past the notion that it’s somehow “bad” or something to hide. In fact, it seems more women are going gray on purpose, making it both a sign of wisdom and enduring trend. 

So you can understand how happy we are to see Mowry flaunting her natural grays on the ‘Gram. Months after she first flaunted her salt and pepper strands online, the Cooking Channel host is at it again and still giving us life. 

I see you grays and that is A-Okay 👍🏽 Trailer Chronicles.

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“I see you grays and that is A-Okay,”she wrote under this up close photo, which shows off her gorgeous mug and gray sprouts at the top of her head. There are many ways to reject unfair beauty standards and this is certainly one of them. 

Consider this a Hump Day pick-me-up and motivation to love your au naturel self. We see you, Tia


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