The Mona Cut Gives Four Women The Big Chop Of Their Dreams
Photo: Instagram/@themonacut

Hair restoration isn’t the only reason why women are considering a big chop. If you’re like Michelle Daniels, you may simply be ready for a change. “I like my curly look, but I just want it to look different. A little funky,” she told ESSENCE. Or maybe you want to shape your strands into a stunning silhouette like Debbie Douglass. “I would love for the cut I get to be a little bit tailored and truly bring out the shape,” she shared.

For women like Yolanda Reid-Andrews, the big chop has been a longtime dream. “I’ve been wanting to do it forever. I’ve never cut my hair short,” Davis told ESSENCE. And for curly girls like Fanta Dicko, lopping off your locs can be an opportunity to make a bold beauty move. “I’m really [into] the blunt cuts,” said Dicko.

With temperatures finally reseting to bearable, now’s the perfect opportunity to transform our tresses, so we partnered with Hairstylist, Mona Baltazar of The Mona Cut NYC to give each of the ladies the big chop of their dreams. 

You’ve probably seen Mona’s famous hair transformations on Instagram, now watch her work her magic in this this episode of PRIMP, as she creates four cool cuts you’ll want to copy this fall.

Check out the incredible hair makeover in the clip below.

I didn’t lose anything. It was just hair.

-Yolanda Reid-Andrews

I think my personality comes out in it…It’s a bit shorter.

-Debbie Douglass

I like it…I can switch it to the side. I can bring it somewhat to the front… I can still change it up.

-Michelle Daniels

I love the shape…It’s very defined and structured… I’m loving it.

-Fanta Dicko


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