The world premiere of The Lion King took place Tuesday and the circle of celebrities in attendance gave us life with their hairstyles. The king of the jungle may intimidate predators with a ferocious mane, but we spotted a few queens with fierce crowns that would make anyone “bow down” as aforementioned in Beyoncé’s 2013 single.

On the red carpet, celebrities opted for long ponytails and protective styling, which is a problem-free philosophy for anyone who may be wondering how to maintain their natural hair this summer.

Beyoncé, with her swirling cornrows and coiled tendrils, gave us all the hair-inspo we need.  Whenever the 37-year-old steps on the scene, it’s best to be prepared for the ultimate slay.

For a look at all the stunning mane moments from the star-studded event, check out the gallery below.