We’re always on the hunt for a product that will smooth down our edges. While we’re able to find plenty of edge control gels, wax, and paste at our local beauty supply store, they rarely perform the way we want them to. Many of the products vow to keep our hair in place all day, but in actuality, they don’t. What’s worse than their mediocre hold, is the greasy residue they tend to leave behind that makes it impossible to achieve sleek tendrils. Until recently, our search for an edge control with super staying power seemed like a never-ending pursuit. But when beauty babe Kahlana Barfield, posed the burning question “what’s the best edge control?” to Instagram, our quest came to an abrupt halt. The post amassed close to 1500 comments and we combed through them all because inquiring minds want to know. Here we’ve compiled a list of the best edge control products according to Instagram. Check them out!