It’s officially Black History March (the celebrities have decided, and so it is) and we’re continuing the celebration of our ancestors and leaders. Teyana Taylor has taken the memorialization to her music with a new video for her song “We Got Love.” She teased the video this past weekend and gave us a sneak peek of her beautiful earth-tone beat and electrifying hair.

In one scene she poses with her husband Iman Shumpert and their daughter Iman “Junie” Shumpert, looking like a royal African family. They are draped in Bogolanfini garments, and Junie rocks a full coily Afro adorned with large jewels and changing shapes at the front, while Taylor sports a lightning bolt shaped do embellished with a metallic hairpiece.

The video is filled with adoring Black children with natural hair and Black dancers with flowing locs and Afros. It is a beautiful homage to our ancestry and our innate magnificence. And nothing stands out more than Taylor’s electrifying bolt that reaches for the sky, and Junie’s charming bejeweled curls.

“Don’t need makeup to dress you up,” Taylor says on the track, reminding the ladies listening that it’s all just a bonus to their natural grace.

If this is any indication of what the rest of the month is going to be like, we’re all in, ten toes down. And while we wait for the video to officially drop, we’ll be Instastalking all our favorite celebrities for their double-tap worthy Black History March and Women’s History Month contributions.

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