When you hear the title Men In Black: International, you probably picture men wearing, well, black. So, it’s no wonder why all eyes were on Tessa Thompson, who departed from the uniformed look on press rounds this month. Thompson who plays Agent M, a charismatic MIB in training, broke the dress code with her celestial ensembles. Her eccentric hairdos were in violation of the secret agency’s policy too.

If the actress were to neutralize our memories, it would be too late because we’ve already sent screenshots of her futuristic coiffures to our stylist. Thompson’s obscure strands made her look like a galactic goddess.

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With many of us scrambling to find hairstyles that will standout at Essence Festival next month, the novice’s space buns and victory rolls provide a cosmic dose of inspiration. Check out some of Thompson’s head-turning hair transformations fashioned by the incomparable, Lacy Redway.

To be transported to another galaxy come right this way.

Men In Black: International is set to be a blockbuster this summer, so it was only right for the actress to set a new record for the coolest red-carpet hair. At the 2019 MTV Movie Awards, Thompson rocked this extraordinary victory roll and won the trophy for best hair.

These are ‘knot’ your typical box braids. At the Beijing press conference for the international film, Thompson wore knee-grazing knotless braids with Vulcan salute parts

If you’re an extraterrestrial, you don’t want to ruffle this MIB’s feathers. Her hair, on the other hand, may be another story. She wore a ruffled dress for the world premiere of the film with matching hair.

On one stop of the press tour, Tessa donned a powerful pompadour to match her power suit.

The actress rocked the sleek hair of our dreams in reality on an NYC press stop.

The only thing slicker than those conniving aliens is Thompson’s glossy hair.