Tamar Braxton Talks Her New Show And New Edge Grow Product
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Tamar Braxton is known as a celebrity hair slayer and the ultimate hair chameleon. But she’s also known for having a very public journey with her hair. It’s part of what makes her the perfect candidate for her new show on VH1, To Catch A Beautician. That, and her ability to bring an air of lightness and fun to everything that she does.

On Wednesday she brought that fun to a Facebook Live chat with ESSENCE where she talked about the new show, her own hair woes, and the new miracle hair product she just dropped.

“When [VH1] pitched the show to me I was like, this is everything!” she said. “I’m always changing my hair. I love hair. And I’ve definitely had my share of hair catastrophes. I just thought that it was a topic that was long overdue.”

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In the show, Tamar, along with her co-host Hairstylist of The United States (HOTUS) Johnny Wright, confronts beauticians that have left clients with a botched hair job. They also give those beauticians the chance to redeem their previous work after a few skills updates from Wright.

For most of us we’re bummed to be out of some coins and we’re angry about heading into work with a bad do. But Tamar said she’s had to perform and face fans with hair that she wasn’t always confident in. And she simply sucked it up and kept moving.

“I have too been in those shoes,” she said. “At the time you’re afraid or you don’t really have the courage to tell the stylist, ‘You really did jack up my hair.’ You leave acting as if everything is okay but you know you have that feeling in your stomach like, Oh my God my hair!”

Tamar also acknowledged that it took her a long time to respect the relationship with her hair. We’ve seen how hard she takes it from the public when it comes to her hair, especially when she did her big chop in 2018.

Despite the face that she looked stunning, fans still criticized her “snatched” edges and made comments condemning her natural style choice.

“I was at the point in my life where I was obsessed with falling in love with myself,” Tamar said. “The way that I was when I woke up in the morning—no makeup, no hair. I had to love me in order to move forward with my life. I had to love myself in my purest form.”

These days she’s not concerned about what anyone says about her hair. She’s staying chemical free, relaxer free, and she’s even soft launched Tamar’s Grow & Glow, her own organic hair butter for strength and growth. And you know Tamar doesn’t sell anything unless it works.

“This is not for a coin this is for the culture everybody. Summer’s coming, we need our edges, we need our confidence,” she said.

She’s on a mission to help damaged edges get redeemed. And like her show co-host Johnny Wright, she believes that everyone deserves beauty redemption.

“Sometimes people have a bad day and it’s never just about hair,” she finished. “You never know what people are going through. All stylists, all people, should have a chance at redemption because you never really know what’s going on behind closed doors.”

To Catch A Beautician with hosts Tamar Braxton and Johnny Wright airs on VH1 on Monday nights at 9pm EST.


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