There’s no question that if you’re going to the Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show you’re going to be inspired. Though most of the hairstyles from the competitions and exhibitors are truly aspirational, and take the skilled hands of a professional stylist, they can give you ideas for different ways to get creative with your own ‘do. With the school year restarting in the next week or so, and the end of summer Fridays marking a new season, it’s a great time to experiment with beauty changes.

Enter Jerome Demonte’s blue passion twist beehive and afro hybrid. It’s no surprise that the hands behind hair from BET’s The Quad, and OWN’s Greenleaf, would create a look so extravagant and interesting.

A Jerome Demonte creation at the 2019 Bronner Brothers International Beauty Show in Atlanta
(Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Of course, if you’re not in a hair show you might pare it down a bit, taking the hive to smaller levels. A less dramatic version could also be done with natural hair color. But it’s still a look worth admiring, and if you’ve got the chops to pull it off, worth mimicking. The hive sits like a beautiful hat made out of hair, that also won’t blow away with a strong gust of wind. And the coily afro is easily achievable with proper curl products.

Would you wear a version of Jerome Demonte’s big blue hair?

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The 2019 Bronner Brothers International Beauty Show in Atlanta
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