Songstress Kandace Springs Shares Her Trifecta For Perfect Curls
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Nashville native, Kandace Springs has gorgeous hair and there’s no question about that. The story behind it is deeply rooted in her childhood.

“When I was younger, my mom had no idea how to work with my thick, coarse curls, so she would try to brush them out every morning,” says Springs in a recent interview with Allure. “It only made them dull and frizzy. One time, my hair was so knotted that the handle of the brush actually snapped off. That’s when I started figuring out what you should and shouldn’t do with curls—like brush them.”

Straightening her massive curls didn’t work either and was counterproductive to her artistic nature. “I once tried to straighten my hair for a wedding using a really cheap flatiron…It ended up getting so tangled in my curls that big chunks of my hair burned off before I could get it out” She discusses her third tip to bring about her coppery curls she rocks today. “When I chopped off my hair, suddenly I had a boring brown circle of curls…I’m an artist, and I love to paint, so I needed some color—dark burgundy, pink, something.”

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Clearly, trial and error and a love for individuality is what happens when you let your hair be free.