25 Photos That Prove Skai Jackson Is The Ultimate Hair Chameleon

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We can't wait to see what she does next! 

Alexis Webb Apr, 07, 2017

Few celebs consistently deliver natural hairstyles as effortlessly as Skai Jackson.

We’ve watched Skai grow up right before our eyes, and her hair continues to be the staple of her evolving look. With every red carpet appearance, the Disney star inspires her fans and fellow naturalistas to embrace their kinks. 

Jackson’s never fails to deliver greatness and pushes the envelope with styles that are bold, beautiful and age appropriate. 

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Here’s an ode to the birthday girl’s (April 8) coils and some hair-spiration for everyone, from the youngest of curly girls to the veterans of the natural hair community.

Keep scrolling to see her best hairstyles to date. 

1 of 25 David Livingston

Skai's 2009 debut is filled with twist-out ponytails.

2 of 25 Jerod Harris

Skai's defined and shiny curls is exactly what we all search for in a twist out.

3 of 25 Michael Zorn

Save your curls with a side part and a low ponytail like Skai.

4 of 25 Frazer Harrison

The Jessie star is giving us hair ideas for our next big meeting; wouldn’t you agree?

5 of 25 David Livingston

Skai's protective style looks so much more daring and edgy off to the side of her face!

6 of 25 Gabe Ginsberg

Part your hair down the middle and add a bun on each side of your head for fun and easy hairstyle.

7 of 25 Tommaso Boddi

Skai is all grown up with this slick back ponytail with a little added hair!

8 of 25 Vincent Sandoval

Pull a little hair off your face and into a messy top knot, for an effortless ‘do.

9 of 25 Barry King

Now this is how you pump up the volume. 

10 of 25 Jason Merritt

Skai’s is giving all face with this front and center, straight and chic look.

11 of 25 JB Lacroix

Give your curls a little extra volume, by teasing it with a pick at the roots and pluck out your curls a little more at the ends. Perfection, Skai!

12 of 25 JB Lacroix

Skai looked great when rocking this hat as added accessory. Of course, her hair still looks absolutely gorgeous!

13 of 25 Earl Gibson III

Skai’s top knot is pure perfection.

14 of 25 Barry King

Skai’s glam squad managed to protect her hair and achieve messy bun goals at the same time!

15 of 25 Steve Granitz

She added a little volume with this off the face, curl-defined ‘do.

16 of 25 Jason Merritt

Sometimes all you need is a ponytail to slay.

17 of 25 Araya Diaz

Little Miss Jackson is really flaunting her tresses with this beautifully full head full of coils!

18 of 25 David Livingston

This semi blown-out and curled hairstyle makes Skai look sophisticated and polished.

19 of 25 Gregg DeGuire

A bun with curls on the face is great for any occasion.

20 of 25 Mike Windle

Skai’s side style frames her face beautifully; wouldn’t you agree?

21 of 25 Greg Doherty

Add a little flair to your next braided style, with a little side swoop like Skai.

22 of 25 David Livingston

This super trendy braid is not only daring and fun. It also keeps your hair tucked away. Love!

23 of 25 JB Lacroix

We’re not sure if it’s the super wavy extensions in the back, or the crafted bun on the top of Skai’s hair, but this look is fit for a queen.

24 of 25 Frazer Harrison

This braided bun is super sophisticated. 

25 of 25 Jon Kopaloff

Skai’s braided pompadour is not only protective, but an elegant addition to her list of best hairstyles!